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Sunnyside elementary is located in the small city of Cockrell Hill, Texas which has a population of about 4193. The city of Cockrell Hill was established by the pioneer Brentwood Allen Cockrell and his son Woodard in the late 1800’s. The city compasses less than three-quarters of a mile. Sunnyside is the only public charter school within the city limits. Sunnyside gets its name from the street on which it is located.
As a public charter school, Sunnyside opened its doors in 2006 as an addition to the Golden Rule Charter School (GRS) district. Our school started with both Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 classrooms and
has grown to include all elementary levels through 4 th grade. The school presently serves students from Pre-K 3 to 4th Grade . 
As part of the Golden Rule family our mission is to establish a safe and student-centered environment where knowledge and literacy are encouraged through learning activities that are developmentally appropriate, individually paced, and attuned to each student’s academic
performance and interests. Golden Rule Schools seek to extend the skills and concepts taught in the classroom for use beyond the school environment. We believe that our students have the capacity to make a difference in their school, community, and beyond through active service. As students develop the problem-solving skills needed for the 21 st Century, they will be encouraged to live, study, and strive together to be effective and productive citizens in the diverse and technologically-driven global economy. In serving our students, the staff employs a philosophy of servant leadership to enrich the lives of our students by helping them achieve success academically, emotionally, physically and socially.
At Sunnyside we are proud of our school culture of inclusion with a specific focus on teamwork.
We start the day with live/virtual morning announcements to recite the pledges to the flags and a pledge to ourselves. We discuss social-emotional quotes every day. We truly believe in positive reinforcement and we encourage students to be proactive, not only just at school but in their daily lives. 
Golden Rule School Sunnyside was recognized with the National Blue-Ribbon Award in 2018. This recognition has given our community a deep sense of pride that will continue to influence the dedication of our teachers and staff in our never ending pursuit of student success.